Presidents Letter


Dear BJiet Family,

I am very grateful to all of you for supporting and electing me as a new president of BJMC Alumni Association, USA. I feel privileged and thrilled to take this opportunity to stabilize and flourish our adored organization. I can recognize that all the alumni have a very unique and special love in their hearts for this legendary college. I too, have a very special place and an emotional connection to our college. I am proud to say that I am a third generation in my family who attended B.J. Medical College and finished my M.B.B.S in 1995. Now I am a practicing Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist in northern New Jersey area.

I was introduced to our BJMC Alumni Association several years ago and became immediately excited to be a part of it. I came to know that how this association works towards improvement of our old monumental college. I was heartbroken, when I learned the passion to continue this association was diminishing. My special emotional connection toward my cherished college inspired me to make a decision to refuel the much needed enthusiasm and energy to not only continue this association but also nourish and flourish it more.

Our organization needs support from all our passionate members. As a new president, my prime goal is to have as many members as possible for our organization. We are already on the track to restructure and modernize our website. I want to appeal all of our alumni to become life members. I also want to urge all the members to update their emails and phone numbers in membership directory on our website, We want to interact with all the members on regular basis preferably via email and newsletter. That should create a strong foundation for our organization.

As a core part of our mission, we want to establish a direct strong link between our mother institution B. J. Medical College and our organization. We want to start direct cross border educational programs to improve knowledge base for new graduates coming out of our institution. We should also provide direct grants for educational programs that can further our mission. At the same time, we should engage our local alumni by arranging various regional CME programs to keep our enthusiasm growing.

We have a difficult and long road ahead. I am convinced that for sake of our beloved organization every one will keep their personal differences aside and help me not only stabilize our organization but to have it soar in the sky.Your fellow BJiet in service,Gunjan J Shukla, MD
President, BJMCAA, USA