Oxygen generation plant in Ahmedabad donated by B.J. Medical Alumni Association, USA

Hello all BJiets,

I would like to share a success story regarding the recent inauguration of the Oxygen generation plant in Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad donated by B.J. Medical Alumni Association, USA to help provide an unlimited supply of Oxygen to meet the needs of COVID 19 afflicted patients in this area.

At the peak of the COVID 19 crisis, the B.J. Medical Alumni Association stepped up and provided a much-needed supply of oxygen concentrators and other equipment to Civil hospital Ahmedabad and nearby poor areas. This was only possible through the generous contributions of our members and through releasing our own emergency funds to obtain these O2 concentrators and ventilators.

We have already delivered over 155 O2 concentrators to patients in Civil hospitals. They are being used for critical patients at this time, as illustrated in the following photographs:

We also delivered ventilators to a nearby hospital in Khambhat, which is currently being used:

At the time, we knew that this wouldn’t be enough. This was meant to be an emergency supply for immediate needs. But this crisis required a more permanent solution. Civil Hospital Ahmedabad, which is a part of Medicity, is a 1200 bed facility and takes care of many poor patients from surrounding areas. Supplying O2 concentrators was a temporary relief effort. However, to make civil hospital more self-sufficient – “Atma Nirbhar” – we took on the Herculean task of building an Oxygen generation plant to supply unlimited Oxygen to our patients, so that their lives did not depend on timely delivery of O2 by Oxygen tankers. This Oxygen plant was supposed to cost around 1.6 crore Rupees, but with the help of our Alumni and their connections, we negotiated the price down to 1.0 Crore Rupee. After that, we asked for help from our Alumni. Many of our alumni opened their hearts and wallets. We raised a significant amount of money from our Alumni and released more of our emergency fund to meet the monetary requirement. Ultimately, with the tireless effort of both our COVID 19 crisis committee and our executive team, we turned this dream into a reality and established an O2 generation plant at Civil Hospital. It is currently generating much needed Oxygen for the community:

India has gone through a once in a lifetime calamity. The situation in India is still very fragile in the aftermath of COVID 19 crisis and an explosion of recent COVID cases has overwhelmed our hospital system and depleted the much-needed supply from our hospitals.

As a committed organization we must help our country in whatever capacity we can. We are currently supplying X-ray units for the Civil hospital, Ahmedabad to meet overwhelming needs for X-rays after COVID 19 lung damage. Please consider a much needed donation to our own community to help them get through this crisis.

Donations can go to

B J Medical College Ahmedabad Alumni Association, USA


10 Bradley Ln

Montvale, NJ 07645

Alternatively, you can donate on our website at www.bjmcaausa.org


With your smart phone

It is 501c3 organization (EIN 22-3205763) and the contributions are tax deductible. We will also accept the direct asset transfer (appreciated stocks, mutual funds and securities) to our organization for COVID relief donation.

With the help of the strong values, foundation and education instilled in us from our “MathruBhumi”, we have all made incredible progress in our personal and professional lives in our “KarmaBhoomi”. Now it is our time to reciprocate and give back to our motherland.

I thank you very much for your contributions who donated last time. For those who didn’t get the chance, I humbly urge you all to take a few moments from your busy lives and donate now to help this noble cause and save precious lives. We will assure that 100% of your donations will go to people in need without any administrative fees from our organization.

On behalf of the whole Executive team and Board of Trustees, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help in advance. ??

Warm regards,

Gunjan Shukla, MD, FHRS,

President, B J Medical College Ahmedabad Alumni Association, USA