To BJ Medical College Alumni Association

In effort to bring all Bjite friends toghther, BJ Medicall College Alumni Association in the USA was registered as non profit organization and started in 1975

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Dear BJiet Family,

I am very grateful to all of you for supporting and electing me as a new president of BJMC Alumni Association, USA. I feel privileged and thrilled to take this opportunity to stabilize and flourish our adored organization. I can recognize that all the alumni have a very unique and special love in their hearts for this legendary college. I too, have a very special place and an emotional connection to our college. I am proud to say that I am a third generation in my family who attended B.J. Medical College and finished my M.B.B.S in 1995. Now I am a practicing Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist in northern New Jersey area. Read More